From the Mind of a Mad Man

Where we live, we have a Homeowners Association. If you’ve ever heard of them, you know they can be nasty pieces of work. Many HoA greatly overstep their authority and do so at the risk of alienating their own community […]

About a year ago I got a Samsung Note 10 Plus, great phone, however I noticed there was something strange going on. I would unlock my phone to use it and find that randomly, apps like TikTok had been installed.

I don’t use TikTok. Never have, probably never will. 

There were some other apps that would install as well, like Clash of Clans, and some other builder style games. I researched this and it took a LOT of digging to figure out what was enabling this on my phone and how to stop it. Turns out, it’s a Samsung app called Mobile Services Manager that does this. Because it took me a LOT of digging, I wanted to write this blog to help people find the solution to this problem a lot easier.

Below are instructions describing how to disable this app.