Kudos to Subaru of America and Agero Customer Care

We’ve had our Subaru for just over a month now and last weekend we decided we were going to hit up Amelia Island, FL and do a nice drive up that way, then go to the Spa at the Ritz Carlton and enjoy the hot tub, pool, sauna and such.

On our way, apparently I ran over something super sharp though I don’t remember even seeing it on the road and it sliced a huge hole in the tire. We were able to pull off safely and I used the Starlink feature to call Roadside Assistance.

The integrated SOS feature is really cool and worked as it should have. The lady from Roadside Assistance came on and asked if we were safe and confirmed our location. She gave me the choice of 3 Subaru dealers for the tow which was REALLY cool because I wanted to go to my dealer, not Subaru of Jacksonville (nothing against them, I just prefer the dealer who sold me the car, ya know?). She did say we’d get a text message when someone was dispatched and on the way with an ETA, but that never happened. Not sure what went wrong with that part.

The tow truck arrives and I guess this is is where I was stupid and it didn’t occur to me, we probably can’t ride with the guy back to the dealer. I don’t know why, but we didn’t summon an Uber. Well, it was raining and there was nowhere to wait for an Uber, so the tow truck driver graciously let us ride with him, however he wouldn’t leave where we were with the car unless I paid him a tow fee. I knew he’s a contractor for the company that manages Roadside Assistance for Subaru and they will pay him for the tow, but dang man, really? He wanted $50 bucks but I talked him down to $30 and sent it via CashApp.

The driver wasn’t a dick about it, but it really caught us off guard. Whatever.

When he pulled our Subaru off his tow truck at the dealer, he also drove it on the rim from where he dropped the car into a parking space at the dealership. I cringed just watching him. Fortunately, the dealership pulled it up on the rack and examined the entire wheel assembly, and it was fine.

That night I emailed Subaru of America Customer Care and told them about it, included a screen shot of the CashApp receipt. They had a Manager from the company who manages the Roadside Assistance program (Agero) call me a day later and that individual informed me they would be issuing me a check for reimbursement and profusely apologized for the experience.

Fortunately, the dealership gave us their cost on a tire so it wasn’t a huge hit to my wallet and in the end Subaru took care of their customer. Thank you Subaru!

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