Coach – How you have failed at this is beyond me.

If anyone knows me well and you ask them what my favorite luxury goods brand is, they’ll tell you without hesitation, Coach.

I dunno why, but I’ve always loved their leather goods and have several bags, wallets, apparel items, and accessories from the company. We are fortunate to live where we have access to a fully stocked Coach retail and Coach Outlet store nearby and we take advantage of the sales quite often. Recently I was able to score a Yoda Bear keychain from them at a great price.

Anyway, I wanted a new pair of shoes and fell in love with their Lowline Low Top Sneakers:

It has been my intention today since 2 pm Eastern time to purchase these shoes. Unfortunately, I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to do so because the Coach checkout is seemingly broken.

When I checkout, enter my billing address, payment information, then say my shipping address is the same as my billing address, I am redirected back to input my billing address all over again. At first I thought my credit card was being declined, after all it would seem odd that I would be buying a pair of $150 dollar shoes, but well, I’m trying to do just that damnit. After calling my credit union they said nope, there’s been no attempted charges from Coach today. So, I tried a different card. No go. Then I tried a different browser. No go, either. .I don’t have another computer to try, at the moment since my Blade is in California having some tune ups done.

So I did what any reasonable person would do. I reached out to Coach Support.

I couldn’t find their Chat on their website, despite their Contact Us page saying it’s there, so I reached out on Twitter:

It’s now 11:03 pm EST and I’ve been trying since 2 PM, as I mentioned to buy these shoes. That’s 8 hours to buy 1 pair of shoes. At 5 pm, roughly, I Tweeted to them about my plight and got a reply directing me to send them a Direct Message. So I did.

Hours went by with no reply, so I Tweeted to them again pointing out this is bad customer service:

Yet AGAIN, I’m directed to send them a DM. I casually pointed out I did send them one earlier but received no reply, as you can see.

Again, I DM them:

That was over 2 hours ago and I’ve not received a reply.

So, to Coach. This is an ABYSMAL failure of Customer Service. Especially for a company such as yours. I would expect this from a company like Walmart, but Coach? No. This is very off putting and is why I have taken time out of my busy day to blog about it. You’ve earned this spot on my blog and the domain,, will forever redirect to this blog post.

When you’re ready to solve your customer service issues, you know how to reach me via Twitter.

Update: I wanted to update this and post that I was able to use my phone to complete my order and ended up purchasing the shoes. Coach reached out to me via Twitter and offered free shipping, but as I live in the same city as their distribution center, which is in Jacksonville, Florida, I declined and suggested they pony up a discount code. They never wrote back, so I paid full retail for the shoes. Big deal. Coach, you still failed and your customer service is lacking here. For shame! And I say that because you actually failed to get back to me, not because I didn’t get a discount code. After all, I still bought your shoes. 😉 Order Number 95108568.

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