I converted to Android and found out why you should only use Squaretrade for extended warranties!

September 16, 2016

Apple announces iOS 10. A storm brews as my excitement for new features is destroyed by poorly crafted UI changes to the Messages app. My “loyalty” to the last remaining Apple product I would ever purchase fades into the night. Of course, I wouldn’t replace it with a Windows Phone; been there, done that, and to use a cliché – I have the t-shirt. My only choice was a dumb phone or an Android phone.

I’m no fan of Samsung or HTC, and was left with few options.

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Regaining Your Online Privacy

For years I’ve advocated the user of numerous tools and/or services individuals and households can use to bolster their online privacy, but I’ve never written about them. I’ve heard a lot of people saying “We live in a post-Snowden era”, which is true. But what does that mean and how do we regain even the tiniest bit of privacy?  Earth’s reaction to the Snowden revelation varied. Many individuals already believed this type of state sponsored surveillance had been in place for many years, and this only confirmed their suspicions. Some were truly shocked. Others still live in a state of denial. One of the many things to come from the leaked information was an increase in the number of services designed to block ads, encrypt your connections to websites or services, and not log where you’ve been.

Let’s go over a few of them!

Note: Under no circumstances am I an expert in cryptography, network security, nor am I advocating the use of any security/privacy service mentioned in this post, this blog, or anywhere else on the internet to conceal your illegal activities on the internet.

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Qapla’, Windows Phone

Around the end of 2010, I won a HTC Surround in a Twitter contest sponsored by Qualcomm. It was something to do with the new Snapdragon chipset and I happened to get lucky. Oddly enough, shortly thereafter I won a XBOX from a similar contest held by Dice.com, but that’s not related to this post. I won one of the very first Windows Phone 7 devices,and thus began my love affair with the platform.

Having been thru Android (HTC EVO on Sprint) and a few revisions of the iPhone (Original, 3G, and the 4) I was ready for change. Also, I liked the concept of the UI, it reminded me of the Zune, possibly my favorite media player… (I still have a working Zune HD!) I had high hopes for Microsoft’s new platform, hopes that would later become despair.

As you know, Nokia is perhaps (was perhaps) the most well known manufacturer of Windows Phone devices, and I’ve had three of them: The Lumia 900, 920, and now – the 1020. I’m sure you’re familiar with the 1020, it’s the one in the commercial above where the people are at the very back of the concert and are zoomed in like it’s the front row.

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