Life on the Rack – A Life with Bipolar Disorder

Mentally, I’ve written this a thousand times. Tonight is the first time I put “pen to paper” in hopes this helps someone, somewhere. As this post deals with things of a personal nature and how “I” live with them, please do not take the information in this article to be medically accurate, or a recommendation by me. Before doing anything in the course of your care and treatment, always consult with your psychiatrist and loved ones.

I’m almost 29 years old and living with bipolar disorder sucks. Anyone who says otherwise is deluding themselves or isn’t taking their medication. But, you can learn to live with the disease and it will suck less. To understand why this is the case, let’s start by exploring what bipolar disorder is and is not.

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Troubleshooting those pesky Blue Screens of Death!

We’ve all experienced it, the dreaded blue screen of death. With the dawn of Windows 7, these have become less prevalent, however they can (and do) still happen. Is it really the fault of Microsoft?Windows-Blue-Screen-Crash I say nay nay!

Generally speaking, Windows 7, 8/.1, and the upcoming Windows 10, will only display a stop error (aka a BSOD, blue screen of death) when a hardware issue has occurred. Unlike previous versions of Windows, where a single application crash or freeze could take out your entire system, this is now a thing of the past.

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Is providing customer service a blessing or burden to your company?

For many companies, customer service is their lifeblood, not their product. After all, customers give them money in exchange for an expectation of excellent service. It’s a dying art, customer service, in which no one is an expert, merely a student. Unfortunately, some companies take the easy way out – offer a good-to-excellent product, build an extensive knowledge base, and in the event someone contacts them, offer a canned reply in the hopes of “shooing” them away.

The scenario I just described happened to me this week. Sadly, it was from a company I least expected – BackBlaze.

BackBlaze is an online backup service. They compete with your Carbonites, CrashPlans, and Mozy’s of the world. Their bread and butter is their $5.00 monthly plan with unlimited storage, a deal compared to Mozy’s $9.99/mo for 120 GB, Carbonite’s clumsy and somewhat unreliable software, and CrashPlans cumbersome interface.

Don’t be fooled though. Where BackBlaze has pioneered in great software, they’ve created huge setbacks in their customer service arena.

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Trip Report: Orlando, FL & Universal Studios – 2014

Orlando, no doubt the tourist capital of the Sunshine State, home to Walt Disney World, Sea World, and Universal Studios. Also a favorite travel destination of mine, mostly due to the distance and travel time, around 2.5 hours. While I’m not a fan of Sea World (not for popular reasons, I merely prefer a proper aquarium), I love Universal Studios and enjoy Disney World, in small doses. Orlando’s Mall at Millenia and I also go way back, having been a frequent flyer in the Apple Store before Jacksonville’s location opened.hogwarts-hogsmeade

We usually make a pilgrimage to Orlando a few times a year, usually to visit the world class spa at the Ritz-Carlton Grande Lakes Orlando, but this time around I was keen on visiting the new Diagon Alley at Universal Orlando’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter. We’ve been to Hogsmeade, and aside from the Butterbeer, it’s kinda meh. As you may know, they took an area of The Lost Continent, Merlinwood, and converted it into phase 1 of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, aka Hogsmeade. I say “meh” because it’s the same Islands of Adventure area with a Harry Potter facelift. Same rides: Dueling Dragons became Dragon Challenge; Flying Unicorn became Flight of the Hippogriff. Color me excited!

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Bed Linens 101 – Everything you want to know but didn’t know you had to ask


If you have a bed, you have linens, sheets, bedding. Have you ever paused for a moment and thought about the quality of your sheets, pillowcases, comforter? Or even thought about luxury damask-stripefeatures like a feather bed? If so, you’ve probably found the process of shopping for bedding to be complicated and full of deception with price tags that can easily reach the $100, $200, even $300 and $400 price ranges. But how do you know what is good, what’s going to last, and what should be ignored?

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Hi ho, Hi ho, a mattress shopping we go…

Two months ago I decided I wanted a new, bigger bed; my full size just wasn’t cutting it anymore. In the process of mattress shopping, I would have to replace my furniture. As it would turn out, selecting furniture would be significantly easier than selecting a mattress. The mattress industry is one of the most convoluted, complicated, mixed up, upside down industries with dozens of manufacturers and retailers producing or selling the same thing, essentially, with minor variations. It’s a miracle they manage to stay in business.

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Trip Report: Las Vegas April 2014


It’s not everyday I get to go on “vacation”, and certainly not everyday said vacation requires we get on an airplane, but a good opportunity presented itself and we jumped at the chance. As many of you likely know, I’m one of those people who scours the internet and calls customer service hotlines to get the best deals. Going to Vegas was no different. I wanted to do this entire trip for less than $1500.00 USD. To do this, crafty manipulation was required. Fortunately, my employer is very forgiving with time off, given enough notice.

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Banned from the Dentist – Bad Business Practice? Or Normal?

About a year ago, I began the long, mildly painful, almost lethal, and expensive process of restoring my teeth. I had numerous issues including some teeth which required extraction, and a few cavities. Well, more than a few, but that’s beside the point. As someone had not been to the Dentist in probably 5 years, I asked for recommendations from my oral surgeon.

Enter Crovatto & Edwards. Their office staff were hospitable, and turns out, the Doctors weren’t scary! The Dentist isn’t all that bad, folks. You just have to find the right one!

Of course, not all that glitters is gold. At first, I had to see Doctor Edwards, which didn’t work out. I suppose I’m too fidgety or needy. Whatever. On the next visit, Doctor Crovatto, who was much more pleasant, and willing to work with me. In the end, we found my problem with Doctor Edwards was due to me being nervous. When you’re nervous, your pulse and blood pressure increase, which causes you to “eat thru” or “burn thru” the novocaine much faster than normal.

Also, scheduling with their office wasn’t the most pleasant. It was about 50% / 50% – they aren’t open on Saturdays and my work schedule isn’t the easiest to work around. So, I missed an appointment. Well, actually two. The first time they waived the missed appointment fee (thank goodness, $35 dollars would totally bankrupt me! /sarcasm). The second time, today, I wasn’t so fortunate.

But, how bad could it really be? Could a Dentist ban you from their office?

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Comcast – Going Down the Rabbit Hole

Our story begins on July 23, 2013 – a normal Florida day, State Government bickering over who should take the blame for today’s screwup, people protesting a new adult toy store, and the scents of Botox and Bengay were fresh in the air. It was perfect until I was told the TV said “Not Authorized” and noticed the phone and internet were acting funny.

As a former Comcast employee, I figured this was something account related. Little did I know how far down the rabbit hole I would venture.

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