Hi Ho, Hi Ho, A Mattress Shopping We Go – Part 2

Attention: This post has been updated to reflect new information regarding the errand service who attempted to scam me. The new information is at the bottom of this post.

Where, oh where to begin. Ripped off, nearly scammed, bought a new mattress, and almost lost it on the way home. Sounds like the type of movie they’d air on Lifetime.

After my fall in St. Thomas, my back and shoulder were injured. The L3 and L4 vertebae, or rather, the discs in between them, were toast, and I wasn’t quite sure what was wrong with my shoulder. Awaking from the mattress I purchased some months ago left me in excruciating pain. When I would walk, the nerve running down the lower left of my back into my though would cause muscle spams, walking felt like I was being electrocuted. Anytime I tried to move or rotate my shoulder more than 90 degrees, the pain was horrendous. I could feel a muscle or tendon clicking as it moved over bone. Sitting, as I do working from home was equally painful. I could never find a comfortable position, and utilizing a keyboard or mouse only made things worse.

Fast forward a few weeks, I see my Doctor, Orthopedics, a Physical Therapist and have a MRI. Turns out I have a mild back injury which will require physical therapy, and mild tendonopathy of the something or other in my shoulder, which *may* require surgery. Lucky me! /sarcasm

During consultations with my various healthcare providers, they all recommended I purchase as firm mattress. Great, I thought. I just bought that nice (somewhat expensive) soft and cushy bed a few months ago, now I have to go through this all over again.

After the anxiety settled, I knew what I would do. I’d buy a mattress from IKEA. If you recall from Part 1 of the now “series” of mattress posts, I was originally going to buy a IKEA mattress but decided against it due to lack of available information on product quality, reliability, and longevity. However, with having to buy a new mattress less than one year from a previous purchase, cost was the number one concern.

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